Freedom Of Association Initiative

Utah’s neighborhood caucus system is a civic tradition that has served our state well in producing responsible government and maximizing grassroots citizen participation that merits protection and preservation.

Count My Vote’s Senate Bill 54, has greatly damaged Utah’s neighborhood caucus system and violates First Amendment rights by forcing political parties (private organizations) to use a nomination process contrary to their choice.

Keep My Voice’s Freedom of Association Initiative (FoAI) fully restores the freedom of choice for political parties to decide their nomination process. The initiative does the following:

  • Permits members of registered political parties to seek nomination through the convention process
  • Repeals the forced provision that registered political parties must allow candidates primary ballot access through a signature gathering process
  • Normalizes state election costs prior to SB54, unlike Count My Vote’s Direct Primary Election initiative, that the Governor’s Ofice of Management and Budget estimates could increase costs up to $3.35 million per election cycle
  • Preserves the signature path to the ballot for unafiliated candidates