Keep My Voice is a non-partisan, non-profit group that advocates for Utah's caucus-convention election system.

Keep My Voice was launched in 2013 by local Utah citizens concerned with Count My Vote's flawed initiative to eliminate the caucus system, and the subsequent unconstitutional Senate Bill 54 passed at the state legislature.

Our mission is to:

  • Educate Utah voters on the value of a caucus-convention system
  • Strengthen and improve the caucus-convention process
  • Pursue legislative measures to repeal Senate Bill 54
  • Support political leaders that are pro-caucus
  • Promote measures that protect voters’ constitutional rights, including our Freedom of Association ballot initiative

Keep My Voice believes that changing Utah's election process to a direct primary, already unsuccessfully tried in Utah (1937-1947), would lead to elections favoring big money, big name candidates and remove local control. The current election system has a balanced vetting process that includes neighborhood caucus meetings, nominating conventions and primary election, with an alternative independent path to the ballot and a general election This system allows anyone to directly participate in the democratic process and levels the playing field for candidates running for office.

States, such as California, that have implemented a direct primary election system are among the worst managed states in the nation. In contrast, Utah is one of the best-managed states thanks to a proven process that keeps elected leaders accountable and close to the people.

Keep My Voice is a registered political issues and action committee with the state of Utah.