LEHI, UT - November 14, 2018 — Keep My Voice, working with the Utah Republican Party and D.C.-based law firm SCHAERR | JAFFE, LLP, filed an eighth and final amicus brief which will represent religious institutions to the US Supreme Court in the ongoing litigation over Utah Republican Party V. Cox (SB54). An additional six state political parties and 16 current and former Utah State legislators also signed on to existing briefs .

As stated in this latest brief under reasons for granting the writ, “The [10th Circuit] court of appeals’ decision presents a grave threat to the autonomy of civic and religious organizations. If the First Amendment permits a State to dictate the process by which a private political party selects its candidates, then there is nothing to stop a State from meddling in the internal affairs of any other private organization, overriding its Constitution and bylaws in an effort to produce leadership or outcomes more conducive to the tastes of state legislators.” Think tanks, legal firms, state and national political parties, current and former officials at the state and federal level, and now religious institutions and organizations have all filed amicus briefs urging the US Supreme Court to grant the petition of cert.

“The national groundswell of support on behalf of this case speaks for itself: this is not an isolated issue and potential implications are clear. We look forward to standing before the Supreme Court justices shortly,” said Phill Wright, Executive Director of Keep My Voice.

We welcome the support of religious rights advocates and those signing on to existing briefs:

  • The U.S. Pastor Council, Christian Life Center and Layton Christian Academy
  • The DC Statehood Green Party, Illinois Green Party, Washington Green Party, Green Party of Arkansas, Utah American Independent Party and Libertarian Party of Delaware
  • Utah Legislators Rep. Kyle Andersen, Rep. Brad Daw, Rep. Joel Ferry, Rep. Logan Wilde, Rep. Lee Perry, Rep. Brad Wilson, former-Sen. Stuart Reid, former-Rep. Justin Fawson, former-Rep. Craig Frank, former-Rep. David LIfferth, former-Rep. Patricia Nix, former-Rep. Michael Noel, former-Rep. Ken Sumsion, former-Rep. Mike Thompson, former-Rep. Matt Throckmorton and former-Rep. Carl Wimmer

Phill Wright
Executive Director, Keep My Voice
(801) 540-3598