LEHI, UT - November 14, 2018 — Yesterday Keep My Voice (PIC), in correlation with the Utah Republican Party Constitutional Defense Committee and D.C.-based law firm SCHAERR | JAFFE, LLP, filed multiple amicus briefs to the Supreme Court of the United States in an effort to strengthen chances the Court will review the 10th Circuit Appeals Court‘s 2-1 ruling in the SB54 case, Utah Republican Party V. Cox.

Private organizations, elected officials and political parties of all ideologies from across the nation have joined together in supporting a Petition for Writ of Certiorari (a legal petition that the Supreme Court review a lower court’s decision) in order to protect associational and constitutional Rights. Seven amicus briefs in total have been submitted to the court.

We recognize and thank those who have joined our fight:

  • Sen. Mike Lee (UT), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Rep. Rob Bishop (UT) & Rep. Raul Labrador (ID)
  • Green Party National Committee, Constitutional National Committee, American Independent National Committee, Libertarian Party of California, Libertarian Party of Louisiana, Libertarian Party or Michigan, Libertarian Party of New Mexico, Libertarian Party of Oklahoma, Libertarian Party of Georgia, Constitution Party of Utah, Idaho Republican Party and the Utah Republican Native American Caucus
  • Judicial Watch, Inc. and Allied Educational Foundation
  • Pacific Legal Foundation, CATO Institute, and Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce
  • Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund
  • Private Citizen, Inc.
  • Utah Legislators Sen. Keith Grover, Rep. Kim F. Coleman, Rep. Brian M. Greene, Rep. Steve Handy, Rep. Timothy D. Hawkes, Rep. Ken Ivory, Rep. Michael S. Kennedy, Rep. John Knotwell, Rep. Karianne Lisonbee, Rep. Travis Seegmiller, Rep. Marc K. Roberts, Rep. Adam Robertson, Rep. Casey Snider, former Sen. Margaret Dayton, former Sen. Scott K. Jenkins, former Rep. Fred Cox, former Rep. Chris Herrod, former Rep. Jim Nielson and former Rep. Curtis Oda

10th Circuit Chief Judge Tymkovich wrote in his dissenting opinion, “I write separately to note the issues raised here deserve the Supreme Court’s attention… And given new evidence of the substantial associational burdens, even distortions, caused by forcibly expanding a party’s nomination process, a closer look seems in order. The time appears ripe for the Court to reconsider (or rather, as I see it, consider for the first time) the scope of government regulation of political party primaries and the attendant harms to associational rights and substantive ends.”

This is one more win on a growing list of victories for Keep My Voice as we move toward the repeal of SB54 and a restoration of freedom.

Phill Wright
Executive Director, Keep My Voice
(801) 540-3598