Utah Supreme Court Rejects Count My Vote

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — August 24, 2018 — The Utah State Supreme Court released their order Friday regarding Count My Vote’s request to be reinstated on November’s election ballot, stating the petition is denied. Count My Vote (CMV) failed to persuade the Utah Court justices that removing one’s name from a initiative petition was unconstitutional under Utah law.

"We applaud the court for upholding state law that allows voters to learn both sides of an issue, come to an educated decision, and remove their name from a petition,” said Dave Bateman, Founder of Keep My Voice. “CMV doesn’t care about your vote or mine, contrary to their name. They simply want to control elections with big money. We’re pleased the justices saw through their ruse."

Keep My Voice (KMV) successfully removed nearly 3,000 signatures from CMV’s Direct Primary Election initiative which failed them from qualifying for ballot access. Utah’s Lieutenant Governor verified decertification back in May. Count My Vote has now been rejected by Utah voters and the Utah Supreme Court.

"This is a win for every Utah voter who recognizes their vote has always counted. Special interest groups, regardless of how much money they spend, cannot usurp our laws and force the state to place their failed initiative on the ballot after the people have already said no,” said Phill Wright, Executive Director of Keep My Voice. “We join with thousands of Utahns who will continue to support our First Amendment Rights of Free Speech, Association and Assembly."

With this ruling the Utah Supreme Court has upheld Section 205 of the state Election Code, ensuring voters can remove their name after previously signing a ballot initiative. The court also upheld Free Speech Rights for all Utahns, allowing Utah voters to change their mind on public issues with widespread impact. With this defeat Count My Vote is barred from running any similar initiative until 2022.

Phill Wright
Executive Director, Keep My Voice
(801) 540-3598